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VariousNoises Mixtapes (Click to download mp3 or follow Mixcloud link to listen)

Africa Brasil Mix (Mixcloud)

A mix inspired by Jorge Ben’s 1976 classic album ‘Africa Brasil’ celebrating the shared rhythm, energy and soul found in funk influenced music from Lagos to Rio.

A taste of tunes from the 1970s golden ages of Afrobeat and Brazilian funk and beyond, from the exuberant brass of Luis Carols Vinhas’ ‘Ye-Me-Le’ to Orchestra Baobab’s haunting ‘Mouhamadou Bamba’.

Free Tracks

Mr Meeble – Gift

Organic electronic band Mr Meeble are giving away their latest offering and you can download it free by clicking the link above. If you haven’t heard their music before, you can check out an interview I did with them last year here complete with a review of their fist album.

More coming soon…


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