music is math…

About the Blog

This is a blog about music.  Not just a blog about good bands, but also about what music is and what it can mean to us.

This blog is for people who can’t explain why they love a particular song, or for people with a curiosity to hear new sounds.  It has always struck me as odd that, despite its existence for thousands of years all over the world, most people you meet are only interested in music from a few countries made in the last few decades.

Music is an essential part of the lives of almost everyone on this planet whether it’s listening to the radio, the performance of traditional folk songs, religious worship, etc.  Music is a billion dollar global industry as well as something we can produce at any time or place simply by opening our mouths.

All fairly bizarre for what is essentially just various dirrerent noises organised into something with form.  As with all art, music is actually quite pointless and serves no real purpose to modern, rational humans – other than “entertainment”.  This word does little justice to the real purpose of music in the world.  A song can provoke all sorts of reactions in the listener ranging from tears to dancing around the room.  When was the last time an entertaining story made you dance?

So here’s the deal, if you too are tired of thinking of music as a distraction then join me on a journey through time, space and my hard drive as we attempt to rediscover something of the unexplainable, infinite joy hidden within this combination of rhythm, melody and words.

Over the coming months I’ll be posting lots of examples of people combining these very things well along with a few words about them, but please feel free to share your ideas, experiences and suggestions too.

Image credit: seier+seier on Flickr