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What on Earth is Thom Yorke doing?

A couple of moths ago I wrote here saying how Radiohead were recording new material and were once again set to confound the music industry by releasing their music in a radical way. I’m sorry to have to say that this never really happened, with the exception of one free song, ‘These are my Twisted Words‘.

The weeks following this release have seen the band confound not so much the music industry, but its own legions of fans. Normally, Radiohead entering the studio with Nigel Godrich generally results in the band emerging with some new songs and playing some shows.

What has actually happened is odd to say the least. Radiohead’s latest sessions have indeed resulted in new songs and gigs, however these have mostly been in Thom Yorke’s name.

While it was unclear what Yorke and co. would do next, I doubt anyone predicted a live performance of The Eraser in Los Angeles with Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing bass.

The “supergroup” is an almost invariably disappointing notion, which is why many are still a little apprehensive of this move. This seems different though, it seems to have been born out of ambition and creativity rather than arrogance. Just as interesting is the prospect of more solo work from Johnny Greenwood and the other members of the band.

These are uncertain but exciting times for the band and their fans. At a time when music is often predictable and uninteresting, Thom Yorke has again proved himself to be the master of surprise.