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The Beatles are back!

I’m not sure they ever really went away, but 40 years on from the release of Abbey Road and a set of remastered CDs have stormed the album charts here in the UK. With a new videogame attracting a younger audience to the band, there has been quite a serious Beatlemania revival across the globe.

The BBC has got in on the action too with a series of fascinating documentaries on everything from their popularity (and suppression) in the Soviet Union to the incredible public reaction to their first American tour.

This is all good news, however we should not forget the band’s real achievement: the amazing music they committed to record in under ten years. To mark this new wave of Beatlemania, here are a few interesting clips of the band taken from the height of their fame to their more creative days behind the doors of Abbey Road studios.

As the songwriting became more complex and the crowds grew larger, The Beatles came to resent touring. Just a year after the iconic Shea Stadium performance, the band decided to focus solely on working in a studio environment, presumably to the disappointment of many of the girls seen in this video.

Their decision was vindicated when Lennon’s delightfully psychedelic ‘Strawberry Fields…’ was released in 1967. From its simple opening mellotron chords and dreamy guitar line, the song becomes much darker and more complex as it progresses. Few songs can claim to have changed the way people went about making music in the same way this one can.

Three years later and it was all over. This song has always been a personal favourite for some reason, however it was only recently that I learned this was the last song The Beatles ever recorded together. The song seems to be building towards a spectacular conclusion for almost eight minutes when John Lennon curtails proceedings with surprising haste. A strangely fitting way for the band to end a recording career that changed the world in so many ways.


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  1. miker

    If you want to have a listen to some of the remastered songs, as well as watch videos and share The Beatles content with friends, check out The Beatles Official Widget:

    September 15, 2009 at 11:21 am

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